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, neventum

You will fall in love with [Bogotá]( from the moment you arrive. With such beauty and grace all around, it becomes one of the top places to visit and immerse yourself...

, Euroline International Event Catering Services | Catering

## A catering for Istanbul, by Erkan Helvaci from Eurolines International Events ### 1. Can you give us 3 tips for an entrepreneur who wants to hire a catering? In event catering, the...

, Neuman’s Kitchen | Catering

## Jackie Tan, from Neuman's Kitchen in new York, reveals the secrets of a good catering Neuman’s Kitchen ([NY]( is in the business of helping our clients tell their...

, neventum

## Masters of Luxury Amsterdam The opening night of the first [Masters of LXRY]( (then known as Millionaire Fair) took place in December 2002 in the Amsterdam Passenger...

, Rubens Hospitality | Catering

## A catering for Masters of LXRY. the recommendation of Maurice Rubens, from Rubens Hospitality ### What is your experience on Mastrers of LXRY? I worked there for different companies. At...

, Euroline International Event Catering Services

EVENT AND EXHIBITION CATERING IN TURKEY   We offer event catering services in Turkey to foreign compaines, organizations, event planners and exhibitors for their Turkey-based international...

, Produco Catering & Banqueting at Hannover (Germany)

Customer: IvecoEvent: Agritechnica Hannover (Germany)Type of event: catering service in the exhibition standEvent period: 10-16 november 2013Total amount of people: 1000Cuisine: open bar,...

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